Former Urawa Reds coach Buchwald (2006)

Trainers such as Giovanni Trapattoni (ITA) and August 2006 Red Bull Salzburg. Bayern München Ma: land

Red Bull Salzburg Alex player with family with Adolf Sailer!

Red Bull Salzburg coach and trainer

At the Taio Sports Center during the 2002 Soccer World Cup With Samvel Eto'o Fils (Barcelona)

A toast with Nagano Olympic Ski (Jump) World Champion Andress Goldberger!

With Mr. Martin Bartenstein, Minister of Economy of Austria (2004 at the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo)

Dettmar Cramer (visit May 2007) Director of the 1968 Mexico Olympics (bronze medal)

With former Fukuoka Governor Aso

Former J-League Mr. Hattori and Mr. Kitazawa at the Grand in Bayern München (August 2005)

With Mr. Peter Moser, Ambassador of Japan, Austria (March 7, 2005)

Surrounding the chef's special cake at the "Masashi Sada 25th Anniversary Concert"

Mika Kano, with Mr. Mitoma of "Rothenburg" (2006)

Surrounding the cake made by our shop on Mr. Tetsuya Takeda's birthday

Adolf Sailer and Hermann Maier (Austria wins two gold medals) at Nagano Olympics Austria House

WBC featherweight champion Takashi Koshimoto's 35th birthday. Peace in front of our chef's special cake

March 2015 <Masashi Sada 30th Anniversary Concert>

World Cup 2002 Cameroon National Team Campsite Nakatsue Village

Adolf Sailer and Cameroon national team superstar M'Boma (World Cup 2002, Cameroon national team campsite Nakatsue Village)