Orange cake

Plenty of orange peel

Wiener bundt cake (whole)

Austrian traditional sweets with dried fruits

Baumkuchen (1 tiers) without box


Baumkuchen (2 tiers) without box


Mini bundt cake (boxed)

Orange flavor

Mini bundt cake (boxed)

Lemon flavor

Baumkuchen in a gift box

¥¥ 1343 (1st size) / ¥ 2500 (2nd second)

Mini bundt cake set

You can choose orange flavor or lemon flavor

Original cake

・ “Topfen” Cream cheese (the balance between the smoothness of rich rare cheese and sable is exquisite) ・ “Mohn” Poppy seeds (poppy seeds are bubble wrap and fragrant sweets unique to Europe) ・ “Schokoladen” Chocolate (a little bitter chocolate baked confectionery that melts in your mouth)
¥¥ 1,019 (without box: each) ¥ 3,241 (3 pieces)

Walnut cake

Fragrant sweets made with walnuts

Fruit pie

Sponge pie with plenty of dried fruits