Cafe menu


Viennese coffee ¥399(Tax not included)
European blend coffee.
Espresso ¥399(Tax not included)
Recommended for those who are not satisfied with blend coffee.
Kaisermelange ¥445(Tax not included)
Austrian style cafe au lait.
Cappuccino ¥491(Tax not included)
Enjoy the scent of cinnamon.
Einspänner ¥491(Tax not included)
Coffee with plenty of whipped cream.
Coffee mocha ¥491(Tax not included)
Mild coffee with cocoa.
Mozart coffee ¥491(Tax not included)
Coffee with chocolate liqueur
Affogato ¥491(Tax not included)
Expresso mixed with vanilla ice cream
iced coffee ¥399(Tax not included)
Ice cream melange ¥445(Tax not included)

Milk drinks

Chocolate (hot / ice) ¥491(Tax not included)
Delicious cocoa
Milk (hot / ice) ¥315(Tax not included)
Also very delicious with adding sugar

Tea (Lemon/Milk)

Darjeeling ¥454(Tax not included)
Refreshing astringency and delicate scent peculiar to Darjeeling
Assam ¥454(Tax not included)
Rich malty flavor. Great for milk tea.
Ceylon ¥454(Tax not included)
The finest product from Sri Lanka. Straight, with lemon or milk. Everything is delicious.
Earl Grey ¥454(Tax not included)
A blend of bergamot scent and the finest Darjeeling. Fascinating taste
Roibosh Vanilla ¥454(Tax not included)
A blend of vanilla aromas carefully selected for rooibos. It features a sweet and gentle scent
Red Berries ¥454(Tax not included)
Fruit herbal tea blended with ripe berries. Very popular sweet and sour scent!
Camomile ¥454(Tax not included)
An herbal tea that resembles the scent of apples and has a high relaxing effect
Peppermint ¥454(Tax not included)
Very refreshing menthol taste. A relaxing herbal tea
Verbene ¥454(Tax not included)
A herbal tea rich in the essential oil of Vervain, with a faint citrus aroma
Jasmine ¥454(Tax not included)
A blend of fresh sweet jasmine flowers and fine Chinese tea

Ice tea

Darjeeling ¥454(Tax not included)
The refreshing astringency and delicate scent peculiar to Darjeeling
Red fruit ¥454(Tax not included)
Traditional German fruit herbal tea blended with elderberry and hibiscus

Non alcoholic drinks

Nowon sale.Get one!
Elderflower ¥417(Tax not included)
The refreshing sweetness like lychee is delicious, Austrian classic juice.
*Carbonated is also available. (Recommended!)
Nowon sale.Get one!
Apple juice ¥417(Tax not included)
A harmony of moderate sweetness and refreshing acidity 100% apple juice
Weisser Traubenmost
Nowon sale.Get one!
White grape must ¥417(Tax not included)
Wine grapes grown on the banks of the Donau River. 100% grape juice. It has a rich and fragrant taste.
Roter Traubenmost
Nowon sale.Get one!
Red grape must ¥417(Tax not included)
Wine grapes grown on the banks of the Donau River. 100% grape juice. It has a rich and fragrant taste.
Orange juice ¥352(Tax not included)
Grapefruit juice ¥352(Tax not included)
Blood Orange Juice 100% ¥417(Tax not included)
Red Bull ¥417(Tax not included)


Cake and coffee (hot / ice) set ¥676(Tax not included)
A great value set of cakes and coffee Sailer is proud of!
You can choose one piece of cake from the collection our staff will show you.

Cake and tea (hot / ice) set ¥676(Tax not included)
You can choose one piece of cake from the collection our staff will show you.
Please choose tea from the following.
・ Darjeeling ・ Assam ・ Ceylon ・ Earl Gray
・ Rooibos Vanilla ・ Red Belize ・ Chamomile ・ Peppermint
・ Vervein ・ Jasmine

All products purchased at our store, such as bread, sandwiches, cakes, and baked goods, are only available in the store.

Butter / honey / strawberry or blueberry jam each ¥186(Tax not included)
How about a bite?

Light meal

Take outOK!
Bosna ¥417(Tax not included)
Sausage sandwiched between crispy and fragrant bread Flavored red onion and juicy sausage It is an Austrian specialty with a delicious texture.
Take outOK!
Fleischkäse ¥417(Tax not included)
The surroundings are crispy, and the inside is a fluffy Kaiser bun with fried meatloaf with cheddar cheese in between. In Austria it is a popular sandwich.
Take outOK!
Käsekrainer ¥417(Tax not included)
With a sausage with cheese inside in a bucket Sandwich and Sauerkraut (pickled cabbage)
Reuben sandwich
Take outOK!
Reuben sandwich ¥556(Tax not included)
Pastrami on a wheat mixed bread sandwich with Sauerkraut, Emmental cheese, some dressing (pickles, celery, red balls), mayonnaise, ketchup and chili Sauce. The most popular hot sandwich in NY!
Take outOK!
Currywurst sandwich ¥417(Tax not included)
Spicy sausage and curry sauce This is the kind of hot dog I am used to!
Take outOK!
Seelen sandwich ¥417(Tax not included)
Bacon with red cheddar cheese, Sandwich cucumber salad and tomatoes and some mayonnaise.
Take outOK!
Hamburger Deluxe ¥556(Tax not included)
Vans, hamburger, cheese, tomatoes, bacon, sandwich, and the fried egg. Homemade Russian dressing Gu (pickles, celery, red onions, mayonnaise) The Chap chili sauce is just an accent.
Take outOK!
Hawaiian burger ¥417(Tax not included)
Special putty and pineapple, Sandwich fresh lettuce.

With 1 bread

Goulash soup with bread ¥491(Tax not included)
A popular menu in Austria. Paprika flavored, slightly spicy beef with potatoes stew soup.

With 1 bread

Soup of the day with bread ¥491(Tax not included)
Today’s daily soup. Please check with the staff.

With 1 bread

Sausages with mustard, Krenn and bread ¥852(Tax not included)
Authentic sausage with 2 different kinds of toppings.
Please enjoy the taste of mustard and white wasabi


Sachertorte with cream ¥445(Tax not included)
A typical Austrian confectionery (Torte). Moist, rich chocolate sponge with sweet and sour jam sandwiched between it. Coated with fine chocolate. Plenty of fresh cream Please try it and enjoy the exquisite compatibility with coffee.
Baked pot cake with cream ¥445(Tax not included)
A light-tasting cheesecake. You should try it with fresh cream!
Apple pie with cream ¥445(Tax not included)
Austrian-style apple pie. Spread the puff pastry thinly. Plenty of seasonal apples used to wrap it in multiple layers. I baked it carefully. Plenty of fresh cream or vanilla ice cream It is an Austrian standard to squeeze and eat while warm.
Seasonal menu
Mid-May to Late July
Cherry strudel
With fresh cream or vanilla ice cream
¥445(Tax not included)
Wrapped and baked American cherry and hazelnut dough.

Early August to mid-September
Apricot strudel ¥445(Tax not included)
Wrapped apricots and almond dough and baked.


Blueberry cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With blueberry and vanilla ice cream Plenty of blueberry fruits and sauce.
Fruit cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With fruit sorbet and tiramisu ice cream. A well-made parfait with various cut fruits.
Mocha cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With mocha and vanilla ice cream. A parfait with an adult taste and aroma.
Japan cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With matcha and vanilla ice cream. A Japanese-style parfait.
Caramel cup ¥769(Tax not included)
The caramel sauce is very fragrant. With caramel and vanilla ice cream.
Joghurt cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With yogurt-based ice cream. Harmony of fragrant almond slices.

Banana split ¥769(Tax not included)
With banana and chocolate & vanilla ice cream. One whole banana! A hearty parfait.

Chocolate cup ¥769(Tax not included)
Chocolate, vanilla and tiramisu (ice cream), A harmony of chocolate, custard and banana.
*Cream cheese ice cream will be changed depending on the season.

Clown cup ¥769(Tax not included)
Ice cream in the shape of a cute clown. Please choose one of your favorite ice creams.

Seasonal sundae

November-May only

Seasonal menu

Strawberry cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With strawberry yogurt & vanilla ice cream Fresh strawberries on strawberry sorbet topping.
June-October only

Seasonal menu

Raspberry cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With raspberry & lemon sorbet Vanilla ice cream topped with raspberries.
September-December only

Seasonal menu

Chestnut cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With marron on top of custard pudding Topped with vanilla ice cream. Marron liqueur finish.
November-January only

Seasonal menu

Pear Helene cup ¥769(Tax not included)
For caramel and chocolate ice cream I used plenty of pear compote Ice plate.
July-October only

Seasonal menu

Mango cup ¥769(Tax not included)
Rich mango sorbet and vanilla. Fresh mango on ice cream with plenty of toppings.
July-August only

Seasonal menu

Peach cup ¥769(Tax not included)
With peach sorbet and vanilla ice cream. Plenty of peach compote as topping.
May-July only

Seasonal menu

Cherry cup ¥769(Tax not included)
Dark cherry and chocolate & vanilla ice cream. Seasonal American cherries on ice cream with plenty of toppings.

Selectable ice cream

Mixed ice ¥500(Tax not included)
Your favorite ice cream Please choose 3 types.