In May 2001, the “Cafe Sailer” opened next to the Sailer shop. All the materials are taken from Austria, so that you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of Austria. It is a relaxing space where a lot of wood makes you feeling the nature in particular.
Austrian paintings are displayed in each corner of the store. All of them make you feel the history of Europe, so please forget the time and enjoy the atmosphere. Since it is built using a lot of space, you can now enjoy the coffee and cakes that Sailer is proud of.

CAFE KLIMT opened in March 2014.
A concert will be held every Wednesday from 15:00 to 17:00! As usual, you can enjoy live music while enjoying incredible cake and coffee. Of course, it’s free of any costs, so please feel free to drop by. Please spend an elegant time with delicious tea and cakes, and a salon concert!

Business hours 7: 00-19: 00 (“Cafe” order stop 18:30)
Closed days Open all year round (Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays)