Hole Cakes

Fruity Tart

Tart made with seasonal fruits

Apple roulade

A refreshing roll of cream with apple jelly

Maronen Roulade (Seasonal product)

With plenty of chestnuts

Nut Roulade

Fragrant hazelnut cream roll cake. This type of roll cake changes depending on the season. We have three different types available at our store! Please ask for it!

Character Cake

How about a birthday cake for your child?

White chocolate Matcha Cake (Limited time, only!)

A mix of Japanese Matcha taste with white chocolate cream (12 cm) Please check at the store. Available only for a limited time.

Chocolate Piano

Piano-shaped cakes can be arranged in various ways. (12cm)


Austrian traditional sweets chocolate cake
¥1,834 φ12

Maronen Cake (Seasonal product)

Chestnut cream cake! Please check at our store. This product is a seasonal item!

Nuss Chocolat (for a limited time)

Recommended cake for chocolate lovers (12 cm) Please check at the store for a limited time.

Soccerball Cake

Popular for children! Soccer ball shaped cake (12 cm)

Creamy Pumpkin Pie (Seasonal product)

Ebisu pumpkin cream from Hokkaido! It has a smooth and gentle taste
¥2,547 φ15