Linzer Torte

Sandwich the jam with a nut dough sponge. Typical sweets from the Linz region
¥1482 (箱なし) ¥1,760 (箱入り)

Mini bundt cake (boxed)

Orange flavor

Mini bundt cake (boxed)

Lemon flavor

Wiener Gugelhupf in a gift box

Wiener Gugelhupf (whole cake) in a gift box

Baumkuchen in a gift box

¥¥ 1343 (1st size) / ¥ 2500 (2nd second)

Mini bundt cake set

You can choose orange flavor or lemon flavor

Frontina & Brownauer (4 pcs)

Frontina & Browner set

Original cake

・ “Topfen” Cream cheese (the balance between the smoothness of rich rare cheese and sable is exquisite) ・ “Mohn” Poppy seeds (poppy seeds are bubble wrap and fragrant sweets unique to Europe) ・ “Schokoladen” Chocolate (a little bitter chocolate baked confectionery that melts in your mouth)
¥¥ 1,019 (without box: each) ¥ 3,241 (3 pieces)

Assorted baked goods

We will assort your favorite baked goods according to your budget.

Frontina & Braunauer (8 pcs)

Frontina & Browner set

Frontina & Braunauer (12pcs)

Frontina & Browner set