Cherry-orange tart (Seasonal product)

Two types of yogurt mousse, cherry and orange.    

Pumpkin tartlet (Seasonal product)

Smooth pumpkin cream with pumpkin from Hokkaido

Pistachio cream tart

A must to try! Surprisingly delicious! Pistachio cream tart

Lemmon vanilla tart (Seasonal product)

Lemon custard and vanilla cream tart

Creamy passion fruit tart (Seasonal product)

Smooth passion fruit cream, "Summer-only" tart

Anna Torte (piece) (Seasonal product)

Orange flavored chocolate sponge cake

Hinamatsuri cake

Children will be delighted with strawberry and vanilla cream

Sakura cake (Seasonal product)

Mix Sakura (cherry) leaves. Fragrant seasonal cake!

Mango chocolate (Seasonal product)

A chocolate sponge with nuts is hidden in two types of mango-flavored cream. Square cup cake

American Cherry tart (Seasonal product)

A combination of melty cherry cream and vanilla-flavored tart. Seasonal items from mid-May to early July Dome-shaped cake