Butter croissants

Croissant with plenty of fresh butter
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Cheese croissant

Butter croissant with smoked cheese filling
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Wiener sausage croissant

Croissant with wiener sausage filling
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Sailer kipferl croissant

The Sailer kipferl croissant contains almond cream and has a slightly touch of rum flavor
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Cinnamon butter croissant

Croissant with plenty of cinnamon and slightly sweet butter
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Danish hazelnut pastry

Crispy Danish pastry with hazelnut filling
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Poppy seed snail

Danish pastry with poppy seed filling
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Topfen Taschel

A fluffy Danish pastry with cheese cream and raisins.
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Cream cheese pie

Crispy pie with sweet and sour cheese cream and raisins
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Full hit Danish

Enjoy seasonal fruits with a fluffy Danish pastry. * Only available June-Mid-July and September-November
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Maron pie

Autumn only! Contains a whole seasonal chestnut. * Available only Mid-September to late December
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Bacon-potato Pie

Pie with bacon and creamy potatoes
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